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By Les Major, April 14, 2014 0

If you’re a fan of Metroidvania titles, you know, games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for example, UnEpic is a wonderful exploration title you’ll probably enjoy very much! I’ve already gushed a little bit about the game before, but there is a lot more to be said about the game itself. Available both on Steam and on the Wii-U eShop, I took a look at the console release that is available thanks to EnjoyUp publishing the title on Nintendo’s latest system. The best part that I’ve already noted is how much UnEpic feels like you’re living a comedic RPG web comic. (more…)

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By Les Major, April 14, 2014 0

Want to dress like the main star Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs the new hit title by Ubisoft? Clothing maker musterbrand is releasing much of the characters outfit for fans to wear in the real world. All in all it’s a pricey venture for the whole outfit but not unrealistic considering the value involved. (more…)

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By Les Major, April 8, 2014 0

Over the years, the LEGO games have found an endearing charm that many gamers have found hard to resist. With light hearted takes on some of our favourite movies, Travellers Tales has created some grand adventures. Today gamers can go there and almost back again in LEGO The Hobbit which includes adaptation of Peter Jackson’s first two movies based on the J. R. R. Tolkien classic. Rumour has it that the third instalment’s game content will be released as DLC closer to the movies release. Want to see the trailer? Travel along further into this article for (more…)

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By Les Major, April 7, 2014 0

If you’re a fan of space combat sims and want a game to just track some fighters and destroy the daylights out of them, Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut has a fun collection of missions. There is a deep and rich lore to the game as well, which is delivered via dialogue while you’re in and out of combat. This keeps the story progression entertaining while you’re busy trying to blast your rivals.

The directors cut is an improved version of the original game which unfortunately I never had a chance to play. From what I’ve read, improved controls, rebalancing and some additional missions available before as DLC are included. Apparently you get into the Strike Suit ship a lot faster too, which basically allows you to switch into a mecha mode with missile barrage capabilities for awhile using “flux” energy which you gained over time or faster in combat. Otherwise the ship reverts to a stardard space craft fighter. You can swap between these two modes too, which his a nice feature. (more…)

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By Les Major, April 6, 2014 0

Ever played the first person rogue-like RPG Delver? Well good news! The early access game that’s still in beta just got even better. Since it’s launch Delver has seen some graphical changes and a good progression of updates. There’s still lots planned for the future but I couldn’t resist and got in on this title already. Going through the dungeon, leveling up, and wandering about is fun! Sorta like a simplified, cartoony, one quest version of Ultima Underworld if I had to put a reference to it. So what’s new? (more…)

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By Les Major, April 5, 2014 0

Okay, lets get this out of the way first, Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok isn’t an official Quest For Glory game, nor an official Sierra game. However, you really wouldn’t know it. It’s a beautifully crafted adventure and best of all it’s FREE! If you’re like me, you’ve been aching for more Quest For Glory adventure. While Corey and Lori Cole continue work on Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption to bring us new content from Quest For Glory’s original creators you can enjoy the wonderful tribute to one of gamings greatest series in Heroine’s Quest. Read on for more info and the trailer! (more…)

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By Les Major, April 4, 2014 0

Some of you may recall I’m quite fond of Scourge: Outbreak for the Xbox 360. You can check out my full review for all of the details. Well that Gears of War like action is now available on Valve’s digital download service Steam! The game truly is worth your while to check out, with well designed areas to have cover to cover firefights in. Read on for the new Steam version announcement trailer! (more…)

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By Les Major, April 4, 2014 0

April 8th will see the release of Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut which among graphical improvements will also improve on the original in various other ways. As a download title for PS4 and Xbox One, the Director’s Cut will be available for just $19.99! Strike Suit Zero is a proud Kickstarter success story. For more details and the trailer, read on! (more…)

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By Les Major, April 4, 2014 0

NES Remix 2 is on the way and I have to admit, I’m excited! Growing up, my friends and I would always go on about ideas like this. Specifically I remember us talking about a more 16-bit Final Fantasy battler that was quite similar to the concept of Dissidia. I didn’t know what to think when the original NES Remix was released as a huge surprise during a Nintendo Direct announcement. I’d actually hopped on Twitch to see someone else playing it and instantly I wanted to give it a go. So what can we expect for the sequel? (more…)

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By Les Major, April 4, 2014 0

Eager for more news on Super Smash Bros. the latest in the series coming to both Wii U and 3DS? Nintendo does confirm these will be new details. Any speculation on what could be coming our way? I have a few hopes myself. Dr. Wily perhaps? Who knows! Personally, and it’s a long shot, I’d love to see Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 the USA version. After all, it is a featured game in the upcoming NES Remix 2 available later this month on the Wii U eShop. The Nintendo Direct will be on Tuesday, April 8th, at 6 p.m. EST and viewable here:

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