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By Les Major, August 31, 2013 0

With the sad news that Pokémon Rumble U NFC figures aren’t coming to Canada it seems, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for more productions like this from Nintendo. For those who don’t know, these figures interact with your game by being placed on the Wii U Gamepad under the directional pad on that little rectangle icon.

Originally drawing comparisons to Skylanders, these figures seem to add to your game instead of being the main focus of it. Pokémon Rumble U does not require figures for gamers to enjoy it. We haven’t had any hands on yet, so we’re not positive of the exact nature. We only assume from what we’ve heard, the figures add unavailable Pokémon to your game. (more…)

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By Jason Nason, August 31, 2013 1

If you’re a Pokémon fan in Canada who just downloaded Pokémon Rumble U and are looking for some of the figures you’re about to be disappointed.

The game, downloadable in the Nintendo Wii U eShop, features a similar collectible feature whereby gamers can purchase toys which can be scanned into the game. The game is the first to make use of the NFC technology built into the Wii U Gamepad. But if you make your way to your local video game retailer, or take a look online at Canadian etailers, you won’t find anything.


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By Rae Michelle Langdon, August 30, 2013 0

Want to see a new trailer for NIS America’s upcoming Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness? Well d00d you’re in luck because we’ve got a new look at their latest chapter in the long running RPG series thanks to a new trailer released for the European market.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness canonically takes place between the first title and Disgaea 2. Things aren’t are all sunshine and rainbows in the Netherworld , as the dangerous Celestial flower threatens to pollutes the world’s atmosphere. One of the coolest gameplay additions is the ability to have members of your party ride monsters! Can I get a giant prinny and ride him around town? That would be AWESOME!

D2 is already out in it’s native Japan and will be released in Europe on September 27th and October 8th in North America. Check out the new trailer after the jump. (more…)

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By Jason Nason, August 30, 2013 0

Have you ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a game? How about a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Final Fantasy game at Square Enix? In 25 years the team at Square Enix have never had a behind-the-scenes look at how the games in the franchise are created. That is until now.

Square Enix and PlayStation has revealed a brand new documentary series titled “Inside the Square,” which takes an in-depth look at one of the greatest RPG franchises of all time.


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By Rae Michelle Langdon, August 30, 2013 0

EA’s premier racing franchise has had a bit of an identity crisis the past few years, switching from recent developer Criterion to other studios under the EA umbrella. It looks like a little bit of continuity will be coming to the franchise in future installments starting with the upcoming Need For Speed: Rivals thanks to developer EA Ghost.  Instead of switching between developers with every iteration of NFS, Ghost will handle development exclusively.

It seems that EA is aware that the last few games have been met with mixed opinions, at least critically. 2010’s Need For Speed reboot was stylish re-envisioning and a breath of fresh air, at least in my opinion. NFS 2010 yielded a metacritic score of 88, 2011’s more character driven Need for Speed: The Run took a bit of a hit with an average score of 69, while last year’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted seemed to redeem the series’ recent reputation with a respectable 84. Electronic Arts has yet to release details on the iOS/Android versions of NFS, and whether these mobile versions will be also developed at EA Ghost. (more…)

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By Jason Nason, August 30, 2013 0

After yesterday’s release of the Grand Theft Auto V official trailer, Rockstar Games released a preview of the radio stations and music that will be found within the game when it is released in just a few weeks.

The song heard in the trailer was also revealed after the company had a lot of requests for the track title. That song is called “Sleepwalking” from electronic band The Chain Gang of 1974. The track is embedded on Rockstar’s website.

Designed to encompass the breadth of the modern L.A. music scene, GTAV’s soundtrack features 15 music stations, two stations of talk radio and 240 licensed songs. Genres covered in the game ranger from unforgettable classic hip-hop with long-time Rockstar collaborator DJ Pooh, to the underground Mexican sounds of East LOS FM and the modern beatmaker scene courtesy of FlyLo FM, with new and exclusive tracks from both Flying Lotus and self-confessed GTA fan Tyler the Creator.


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By Rae Michelle Langdon, August 30, 2013 0

Free games make the world go ‘round, okay maybe not but they make even the most bitter days just a little bit sweeter.  The next two free games in Microsoft’s ‘game with gold’ program have been announced as Ubisoft’s 2006 tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Vegas and the 2013 edition of Magic The Gathering. MTG will be available from September 1st through the 15th and Vegas will report for duty from Sept 15th through the 30th. Both titles require an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to be redeemed.

Microsoft’s alternative to PlayStation Plus was announced this past June at E3 and has provided gamers with free digital copies of Assassin’s Creed II, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Dead Rising II + DLC, Halo 3 and soon the two games listed above. We can sit and argue which service provides the better library of free content, but one thing is certain – owners of the Xbox 360 now have a few more reasons to boot-up their consoles before the fall gaming seasons begins in just a few short weeks.

Which games would you like to see on Game With Gold? Let us know in the comments section, we will keep you posted on any future free DLC.

Source: Joystiq

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By kashhoward, August 30, 2013 0

The fighting game community (FGC) has grown from holding local events to smaller venues to occupying ballrooms at four-star establishments with talent from all across the globe attending. Major sponsors such as Capcom, Namco Bandai, and others are responsible for the development of some of the world’s most famous franchises in gaming, and are showcased at a central tournament featuring the top fighting talent from across the world. With major prize pools, fighting games are now reaching a platform that can be compared to traditional eSports.

Each week, I’ll be posting interviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting with members of the fighting game community. The interviews will touch upon their history in the FGC, where they got their start, and what they’d like to see from video games in general.

This week’s guest is a good friend of mine making moves as of late, Toi Allen Bridges aka GOL BOI TOI. (more…)

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By Jason Nason, August 29, 2013 0

Just a handful of releases this week but they’re also a handful of good ones.

Pokémon Rumble U arrives in the Wii U eShop this week as does the digital retail release of Rayman Legends. Also The Legend of Zelda arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Over on the Nintendo 3DS Wario arrives with Wario Land 3 hitting the Virtual Console. Also the retail release BIT.TRIP SAGA has now seen a release in the eShop.

Take a look at the full rundown of releases below.


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By Jason Nason, August 29, 2013 0

Activision released some details of the Nintendo 3DS version of their upcoming Skylanders: SWAP Force today.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders SWAP Force offers gamers a unique adventure complete with its very own story, levels and special starter pack characters. The 3DS version is not the same game as found on consoles but is being dubbed as a truly complementary experience to the console version.

Skylanders SWAP Force on Nintendo 3DS will hit retail stores worldwide with three new characters — Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger. These three characters will not be found in any other Skylanders Starter Pack.


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