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June 27th Nintendo Download

There is a ton going on this week with another slew of Virtual Console titles both on the 3DS. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Labrynth and Spelunker, which has already been released on both the Wii and Wii U Virtual console. Also recent release Project X Zone sees its second demo, this time the Ghost […]


Living Out Life In State Of Decay

I’ve had quite a bit of time now with State of Decay and it’s quite different from the demo once you get into the main bulk of the game. The intro can be compared almost do Dead Rising with scavenging while the main game itself is a bit more complex. For one, the most important […]

Borderlands 2 Assault On Dragon Keep

Assault Dragon Keep Today In Borderlands 2

Today is the day! The final piece of Season Pass DLC for Borderlands 2 has hit the marketplace just waiting for you to download it. If you’re feeling conflicted on whether or not to buy this (if you don’t already have the Season Pass), you can check out this developer diary and see what they have […]


Second Dimension: The Warrior’s Code Interview

The fighting game community (FGC) has grown from holding local events to smaller venues to occupying ballrooms at four-star establishments with talent from all across the globe attending. Major sponsors such as Capcom, Namco Bandai, and others are responsible for the development of some of the world’s most famous franchises in gaming, and are showcased […]


Ellen Page Unhappy About The Last of Us’ Ellie Resembling Her

Ellen Page, the actress probably best known for roles as Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat in the X-Men franchise and the titular character in Juno is unhappy about her likeness possibly being used for Ellie from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. Recently a question about her likeness being used for the initial design of Ellie was […]


Titanfall Dev Diary Takes You Behind The Scenes

Respawn Entertainment, you know…the group of people that left Infinity Ward and Call Of Duty to pursue their own visions, have released a developer diary today of the game Titanfall. This, in many gamers eyes, is one of the big exclusives that Microsoft has up its’ sleeve. Set in a distant frontier torn apart by […]

Borderlands 2 Assault On Dragon Keep

Borderlands 2 – Assault On Dragon Keep Dev Diary

The final piece of DLC in the Borderlands 2 series is nearly here. In fact, it releases next week. If you happened to miss out on the Krieg gameplay video, I highly suggest you check it out here. I’m anticipating Assault On Dragon Keep to be the best of the four DLC’s for quite a […]


Nintendo Canada Going on Tour

Nintendo is taking the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS coast-to-coast across Canada on a cross country tour this summer. The company will have a large number of new games on display and playable to those in attendance, including New Super Mario Bros. U, LEGO City: Undercover, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and the new Donkey Kong […]


June 20th Nintendo Download

There is a ton going on this week with another slew of Virtual Console titles both on the Wii U and on the 3DS. Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew, Tails Adventure and Mega Man 6 are just a few of the title being released. Add in the digital release of New Super Luigi U as well […]


Paramount Releases World War Z Mobile Game

Paramount Digital Entertainment has released a small mobile game for smartphones and tablets to go along with feature film World War Z, which hits theatres tomorrow. The game is designed for iOS and Android devices as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire. The game drops you into the middle of the World War Z chaos! […]

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