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Lolipop Chainsaw’s Zombie Slaying Tunes

Grasshopper Manufacture’s next project Lolipop Chainsaw is heavily influenced by the Punk & Rock movements of the 80’s if the art style and aesthetics didn’t already give that away. The game’s sound director Akira Yamaoka and Jimmy Urine of Mindself Self Indulgence fame come together to discuss the game’s sound track in this latest promotional […]

Tropic 4: Modern Times Expansion Now Available

The first downloadable expansion for Tropic 4, Modern Times, is now available through Steam and Amazon for $20 USD. If you are not a fan of digital copies and would rather have a boxed copy you’ll be able to pick one up at EB Games/Gamestop and other brick & mortar retail. Modern Times brings Tropic […]

Unit 13 Developer Zipper Interactive Closed By Sony

Zipper Interactive the Sony first party developer behind the Soccom, Mag and Unit 13 franchises have been shuttered by Sony Computer Interactive.  Confirmation of the closure comes after a turbulent week for the developer as rumors of the closure swirled online. According to reports Zipper employed 80 people before their demise. In statement issued to […]

Preview: Naval War Arctic Circle

Naval War: Arctic Circle is a real time strategy game for a strategy gamer. There is no hand holding here, one look at the game in action can show you that. In my time with the game I controlled a fleet of ships each able to launch its own variety of fighter jets and helicopters. […]

Darksiders Dev: Wii U Comparable to 360, PS3

The hardware under the Wii U’s hood has been kept under wraps since Nintendo unveiled the console this past June. Speaking to Develop Vigil Game’s Marvin Donald says that the Wii U graphical prowess is on par with what we have experienced with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. “So far the [Wii U] hardware’s […]

Tales of Xillia Trademarked by Namco Bandai In North America

The next entry in Namco Bandai’s “Tales of” series might be one step closer to a North American release with the news that the publisher has trademarked Tales of Xillia in North America. Xillia, the 13th major release  in the Tales series, was released in Japan this past September. The game uses the series staple […]

Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Be Free 2 Play, On Smartphones

Sega has announced some brand new details for their upcoming MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2. The game was previously confirmed for the PS Vita as well as Windows PC and has now been confirmed for Japanese Smartphones. The publisher also confirmed that the PC version will be free-to-play supported by in-game micro transactions. Micro transactions […]

First In-Game Footage Of World of Darkness MMO Released

While this year’s Eve fanfest was devoted to the sci-fi shooter Dust 514, CCP held a panel on its upcoming MMO based on the World of Darkness series of tabletop RPGs. Senior Producer Chris McDonough, CCP founder Reynir Harðarson, and Chief Marketing officer David Reid answered some questions about the upcoming MMO before revealing the […]

Rumor: Prey 2 Cancelled By Bethesda

Bethesda Softworks may have cancelled Human Head’s upcoming Prey 2. The sequel to 2006’s Prey painted a very picture than its predecessor. In Prey 2 Players take the role of a human Air Marital turned bounty hunter on stranded on alien world. As GameTrailers points out this isn’t the first bump on the road to […]

Horde Vs. Alliance To Continue War In China For 3 More Years

Blizzard and, the company that manages several aspects of the world’s popular MMORPG in mainland china, have reached an agreement that will see the game operate in China for the next three years. The two companies formed an alliance (insert faction joke here) that has kept the game running since 2009. Mike Morhaime the […]

Baynoetta May be a Playable Character In Anarchy Reigns

Fans of over the top crazy action (and nonsensical plots) have waited for any indication of a sequel to 2010’s Bayonetta. Unfortunately while fans may have to wait a little longer for that to happen they might have reason to strap on their six-shooter high heels sooner than expected with reports that Bayonetta will be […]

Wakfu’s Gambling Addiction Apparent In New Class Trailers

Square Enix has released two brand new gameplay videos for their recently launched Wakfu online MMORPG/Strategy RPG hybrid. The gameplay videos highlight two of the game’s many different classes, namely Pandawa and Ecaflip classes. The first seems like a class built for fans of warriors and brute strength with its focus on damage. The Ecaflip […]

Rayman 3 HD Headlines March 20th PSN Update

Ubisoft’s HD remake the PS2-era classic Rayman 3 headlines the latest PlayStation Network update. The upgraded HD version includes new features, cleaned up graphics and trophy support. The game is already a great value for $9.99 but PlayStation Plus members get the game can take an additional 20% off that price. If old school platform […]

Soul Calibur V Costume DLC Starts Next Month

Namco Bandai will begin releasing costume pieces for January’s Soul Calibur V starting next month. These brand new costumes might just catch on, especially in Japan where schoolgirl outfits and maid costumes are popular fetishes.

New El Shaddai Game Teased

Ignition Entertainment Japan has begun teasing a new project for the El Shaddai franchise. A newly launched teaser website hints at the new project with some brand new concept art. The artwork shows five different characters standing next to each other with text that reads “Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of”

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